We're often captivated by the prospects of a new piece of technology's ability to acquire data. We seem to be hearing about a new scanning breakthrough all the time that promises to execute a task faster or cheaper, but how can such efficiencies be measured in real-world situations? That's why the study, which aims to see if the Emlid Reach RS2 and Topcon's newest receiver, the Hiper VR, have identical accuracy findings, drew our attention. It was created to provide you that exact knowledge.

With 46 years of expertise in surveying and building, Jim Knuckey is a Professional Engineer (PE) PE. He completed the research that demonstrated how the Hiper VR and the Reach RS2 produced nearly comparable outcomes. It demonstrated how the Emlid Reach RS2 delivered equal accuracy to the Topcon Hiper VR in a number of varied environments. But, in reality, what does that study tell us?

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