We are the team of experienced Environmentalist, Geo Spatial Experts, Climate Change and Disaster Risk Management Experts and Engineering Surveyors who has worked in UK, Australia and Nepal. We specialize in Geospatial mapping (Aerial and Terrestrial), Capacity Building, Engineering Survey, Control Survey using DGPS and Total Station, Precise Leveling, Drone Mapping, Disaster Management, Early Warning System, Climate Change, Artificial Intelligence, LiDAR Mapping and 3D Spatial Modelling. Our main activities include feasibility studies, Survey for Detail Project Report (DPR), Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)/ Initial Environmental Examination (IEE), Climate and Disaster Risk and Vulnerability Assessment, Geospatial data collection and analysis and 3D Modelling. We work in different sectors such as Hydropower, Road, Bridges, irrigation, utility, urban planning, Disaster Risk Management, Vulnerability Assessment and Climate Change.

Surveying Company in Nepal

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